Configure DHCP on Windows

In Earlier post i Show you how to add a DHCP on IOS Router with Option 150 to provide the TFTP IP Address for the IP Phone

Today i will show you how to configure a DHCP it in Windows Server 2008
First in Server Manager i go to Roles and Add New Roles

2I Choose DHCP Server3

Define the DNS4
Define the DHCP Scope5
Define the Credentials for Authorize the DHCP6
Last is the Installation Confirmation7
Now when i start the DHCP it will show an Arrow Sign to Down
I Have to Authorize it
and Like that the DHCP is ready
Since this Scope will support Both Data and VOIP i should add a new option 150 to support the phone and provide them  with their TFTP IP Address
First go to IPv4 and Set Predefined Option
Add the New option
Name: Cisco
Data Type: IP Address
Check Mark on Array
Description:Cisco IP Phone
Now Right Click on your Scop and Choose Configure options15
Check Mark on the Option that you Add and Select the Write the IP Address of your TFTP
in out Case it’s which is our Publisher
Now Define a VLAN in the Core Switch17
and configure a Veritual  Interface for the Same Vlan and Define the DHCP by the Command “IP Helper-Address”
Last Configure the Port were the User PC and IP Phone is Connected
Now COnfirm the PC is taking the IP Address from the Same VLAN


And Also the IP Phone is taking the Correct IP Address and VLAN and the TFTP ConfigurationPhoto Mar 10, 6 47 40 PMPhoto Mar 10, 6 48 52 PM

Photo Mar 10, 7 35 04 PM.jpg


One thought on “Configure DHCP on Windows

  1. Kashmim says:

    Superb!!….I”m going to give you thumbs up…and this explains of Windows dhcp was really inspiring :)

    Looking forward to see ur explanation of Windows dhcp with option 43 as well..

    Thx Root..


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