UCCX – Barge Features

Hi today I will show you a new feature of UCCX that I just implemented in Call Center of Hyundai.
In earlier blog I show you how to integrate the UCCX with CUCM

today I will show you the Barge Features.
It allows the Supervisor to monitor Agents in their Team and Participate in the call and listen to the agent conversation with the customer.

From a Barge session, the agent see the call turn to a conference and the Supervisor can then intercept the call and drop the Agent from the call. and the Customer is now talking directly to the Supervisor.

First Enable in the phones for Built-in Bridge

Supervisor DN must have the Monitor CSS populated with a CSS that has access to the Agents DN Partition. it’s configured under the supervisor DN


now the supervisor should open the CAD Cisco Agent Desktop first then the CSD Cisco Supervisor Desk



Now Check the Agent That have a cal for example Agent7HYD have outgoing call to 7403

Select the Call and then go up you will see the button Barge-in Press it and suddenly the call turn to a conference


also you can intercept the call which result that the Agent7HYD will be Drop from the call and Supervisor Agent1HYD will be talking directly to the Customer 74037

The Same Configuration for CDA Cisco desktop Agent will go for the Cisco Finesse.



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