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Troubleshoot Access Point Not Joining a Wireless LAN Controller

have you face a problem installing a new Access Point Model
A week ago i Receive a new Access Point Model 1702I and as always insert the join command to the controller and it reject to join the Team and after hour of debugging i found out that my WLC software is not supported for this Model


you can check this link from Cisco to check which software could support your Access Point

So i open a ticket with Cisco TAC and let me tell you i always enjoy working with such an Expert like Cisco TAC

I show in earlier blog how to install WLC

First i need to download the Image from Cisco Web Site!mmd

and Navigate to your WLC Model, we have 5508 but you should have a valid service contract 1i Choose the WLC Software

and i Choose the Firmware that Cisco Suggested Depend on Software quality, Stability and Longevity. i think this a new Cisco thing since i didn’t see this option last year were they suggest which one is better3

I Download it to my Laptop and Save it to a folder and used a TFTPD32 Open SOurce software which can be downloaded from
then in the WLC i go to Command Tab and choose Download
File Type: Code
Transfer Mode: TFTP
Server Detail
IP Address: My TFTP IP Address in my case (
File Path: /
File Name: My Software Name in my Case (AIR-CT5500-K9-8-0-121-0.aes)
Then Press Download
you can see the under the TFTP transfer procces start in the TFTD32 Software and also in the Command Download Page in WLC
it took almost over 40 minute then go to Commands Tab then CHoose Config Boot You will see that the Primary Image Change from to
Now i need to Reboot the WLC to make the New Image act as the Active one
Save and Reboot
After the Reboot go to the Monitor Tab then look in the Controller Sumary and the Software Version Change also to
you can also go to Command Tab then Config Boot you will see that the New Image become Active
After that the wireless Start to download the new firmware and reboot13
Under Wireless Tab you can see the Operational Status for the Acess point is “Downloading”
and now All my Access Point is Okay15
and the new Primary SW Version is also
now to make sure my New Access point will Join the Team
first i configure the switch Port as normal
Then plug the Access Point and it start to take the new configurtion without any Debug Error
and i finally made another customer happy   ;D



3 thoughts on “Troubleshoot Access Point Not Joining a Wireless LAN Controller

  1. rodnaldo says:

    Hello, I’ve specified two new AP 2700 series to my company but I didn’t pay attention on the firmware version so I just found out that my WLC 5508 doesn’t have the firmware version it must have, at least 7.6.x. Could you help me? Do you have a copy of the last firmware version(AIR-CT5500-K9-8-0-121-0.aes) to share with me?
    Since right now thank you very much!


  2. Good afternoon. Thank you for your attention.. I should expect it. Actually we’re in process to buy the smartcare/smartnet and reactivate our service contract..
    Sooner or later we’ll sort it out.. so thanks again.


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