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Flexconnect Issue in AIR-AP1852E

I am working in a new project were the vendor installed over 10 Access point model AIR-AP1852E on a WLC5508 with Software Version
but i can’t configure those AP in Flexconnect Mode.
Cisco documentation Confirm that the available modes are “Centralized local”, “Standalone”, “Sniffer”, “Cisco FlexConnect”, “Monitor”, “OfficeExtent” and “Mesh”.

but it only show you the “Local” & “Sniffer” so i will guide you how to fix it

so i login to Cisco web site and downloaded the Newer image and Save it to file
unless you have a service contract you will not be able to download it
then Login to WLC
now to upload to the WLC
go to Commands – Download File and Fill the Detail of your TFTP and WLC File Name and then press the Download Button4
you can see in your TFTP it Start to upload

After it finish the Upload it will ask you to Reboot6
I Choose Save and Reboot7
Now you see it change and show all Mode
Now go to Flex Connect and Check the Box of VLAN Support
and put the Native Vlan ID in your Branch – Apply
Then Press Button Vlan Mappings9
Then Configure your SSID with the Proper VLAN and
Note. even if you are Having this VLAN in another Site it doesn’t matter as long your Access Point is Flexconnect then it will take the branch IP Addressing  10

and Finally as you see i took my branch IP Address


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Troubleshoot Access Point Not Joining a Wireless LAN Controller

have you face a problem installing a new Access Point Model
A week ago i Receive a new Access Point Model 1702I and as always insert the join command to the controller and it reject to join the Team and after hour of debugging i found out that my WLC software is not supported for this Model


you can check this link from Cisco to check which software could support your Access Point

So i open a ticket with Cisco TAC and let me tell you i always enjoy working with such an Expert like Cisco TAC

I show in earlier blog how to install WLC

First i need to download the Image from Cisco Web Site!mmd

and Navigate to your WLC Model, we have 5508 but you should have a valid service contract 1i Choose the WLC Software

and i Choose the Firmware that Cisco Suggested Depend on Software quality, Stability and Longevity. i think this a new Cisco thing since i didn’t see this option last year were they suggest which one is better3

I Download it to my Laptop and Save it to a folder and used a TFTPD32 Open SOurce software which can be downloaded from
then in the WLC i go to Command Tab and choose Download
File Type: Code
Transfer Mode: TFTP
Server Detail
IP Address: My TFTP IP Address in my case (
File Path: /
File Name: My Software Name in my Case (AIR-CT5500-K9-8-0-121-0.aes)
Then Press Download
you can see the under the TFTP transfer procces start in the TFTD32 Software and also in the Command Download Page in WLC
it took almost over 40 minute then go to Commands Tab then CHoose Config Boot You will see that the Primary Image Change from to
Now i need to Reboot the WLC to make the New Image act as the Active one
Save and Reboot
After the Reboot go to the Monitor Tab then look in the Controller Sumary and the Software Version Change also to
you can also go to Command Tab then Config Boot you will see that the New Image become Active
After that the wireless Start to download the new firmware and reboot13
Under Wireless Tab you can see the Operational Status for the Acess point is “Downloading”
and now All my Access Point is Okay15
and the new Primary SW Version is also
now to make sure my New Access point will Join the Team
first i configure the switch Port as normal
Then plug the Access Point and it start to take the new configurtion without any Debug Error
and i finally made another customer happy   ;D


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Installation of Virtual Wireless Controller (vWLC)

I’m far away from Collaboration, but this what happen when you are an Infrastructure Engineering.
So The Virtual Wireless LAN Controller (vWLC) runs on Virtualization infrastructure. it’s ideal for small and mid−size deployments.

Today i will explain The Basic installation of vWLC on ESXi server
First need to download the OVA from Cisco web Site!mmd
Choose Virtual Wireless Controller
and Choose the Version that you need
i had old OVA in my PC so i didn’t download anything version 7.3.101
second we need to create two separate VSwitch
my ESXi server IP Address:
Select Virtual Machine
Choose the Network Card3
this is for Management Interface and for Vlan select ALL(4095) since this is connected to a switch trunk port

Do the Same for Service Port but choose None (0) for VLAN ID as the service port is typically an access port
Now you can see both card
go to properties of the vSwitch1 were WLC is there and go to Security Tab and for Promiscuous Mode choose to Accept
Now start Deploy the OVA Template
Navigate to the Folder were i have my OVA

Choose a Name for your Machine
Choose the Default Thick Provision Lazy Zeroed
Here Choose WLC were your NIC Card Configured for Management
Now the Machine is been created
for the first network Adapter just select the Service Port 15A
Now Power the Machine for the setup and monitor the Monitor till the vWLC has restarted Automatically16
then Start the Welcome Cisco Wizard
Choose you admin name
IP Address for Service & Management and DHCP
Also Choose the Virtual Gateway IP Address and Define your Mobility Group and NTP
if YES in Capital Letter you don’t need to write it cause its the default then you just need to Pres Enter18
Now it Ask you to Save
Now it will Reload
you can check your IP Configuration after login by using the Command
“Show Interface Summary”
in the Web Page enter the IP Address that you Choose
Press Login and it will ask you for Username and Password22
The First thing you will Notice that
0 Access Point Supported so we need to activate the Evaluation License23
Go to Management Tab and Choose Software Activation then License24
Open the base-ap-count and set the Priority to HIGH25
Accept the (EULA)
and Reboot so it will be Activated27
Now you can see the Different
200 Access point Supported28
Also you can check the Licenses base-ap-count status
Now go to WLAN Tab and you can see the SSID Wireless that we Create in the Welcome Wizard but I will Create a New SSID from the option in the right corner
Create New Press the GO Button
Choose the Profile Name and SSID
Check Mark the Status box to enable
since this is a Lab we don’t need to put any Security so i choose None
Now lets Create an Interface
go to Controller Tab then Interfaces Create New
Choose Interface Name and Choose the VLAN ID
Now enter the full detail for the Vlan
VLAN Identifier
IP Addresses
and DHCP Address
Now I create Groups and assign the AP to a specific Group were it Broadcast specific wireless. we only have one and all SSID is under the Default Group but we will create a New one
Go Back to WLANs Tab then Advanced – AP Group – Create New
Give it a Name and a Description
Assign an SSID and Map it to an Interface and Save
Now Start the Action with my Lab Access Point 1242AG
i know its old but old is gold so 36
I didn’t configure any DHCP Option for my WLC so i will use my magic Command to direct my AP to the controller
>lwapp ap controller ip address
and as you can see the Wireless start send request to the WLC and going to Download the firmware
Now under Wireless Tab i can see my Access Point i will change the AP Mode to FlexConnect since this is the mode supported by vWLC38
go to High Availability Tab and Enter the Controller name and IP Address
in Advanced Tab Choose the AP Group Name and change it to HQ group then Apply the wireless should reload and start to broadcast our SSID CCIEROOT40
i can go to Monitor tab in WLC and check the Client Summary
Click on Detail to See the Client42
and those my IPhone Mac Address and My Dell Laptop43
Done  ;D