5.5, VMware

Clone your perfect Virtual Machine


okay i know
Same face, Different Hair style and Different dress
its like i created a copy of my self
Guess what!!
VMware have the same Capabilities called (Cloning)
Cloning Feature allow you to create a copy of your perfect Virtual Machine instead of repetitively creating a VM from scratch over and over

So this is how you can do it
Select your Perfect VM Machine1
Right Click and choose – Clone to Virtual Machine
Select a name to your new machine and choose a Datacenter3
Select which Host you want to put your VM in4
Select the Storage5
I will not go in detail of Edit the Machine file but for a better practice you need to do it6
Press Finish7
you can Monitor the recent task while the machine is been created
and just like that your machine is created9.PNG
Of course you need to change the IP Address to save your self from Conflict IP Address and PC Name cause we did this clone without operation system customize





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