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How to Add ISCSI Storage to VMware ESXi

When i start my road to VMware in 2013 this is the subject that kill my head and i got the help from a friend of mine so the thanks here goes to Mohammed Hadi Bafaqeer

ISCSI Storage is one of the best solution for VMware Design cause you cant depend on the Storage of the server in case the server crashed all your data crashed and you cant retrieve it and also it can help you in enabling feature like Vmotion

so lets start configuring
in Home Page – choose “Hosts and Clusters”
Select the Host3
Go to Manage tab – Networking – Virtual Switch 4
Choose to Add host networking5
Select the VMKernel Network Adapter 6
I use the same vSwitch since I have only one network interface in my server that is up now.
I suggest to have a separate network vSwitch for Storage1.PNG
Put name to it and leave the rest for default and no need to enable any Services11
It better to select a static IP but since this is a lab i let it Automatically obtain an IP from DHCP12
and you can see your vSwitch0 when you highlight it it show the Storage3

now Second Step
go to the host – Manage – Storage – Storage Adapter –
+ Software ISCSI Adapter15
Press OK
Now highlights the ISCSI Storage Adapter
Select tab Target – Add18Put the IP Address of you Storage
Mine is press Ok19
Now the Target is added20Now I will associate the VMKernel Adapter with it
Select Network Port Binding – +21Select the Storage VMKernel Adapter that I configure in the beginning of the blog
It is Added and show status Not Used5Click In Rescan icon to refresh the page and 24

And it change from Not used to Last Active
6Now Third Step is to add Datastore
Select Host – Related Objects tab – Datastores –
Choose to create a new datastore27
Select the Location28
Choose the Type29
Choose a datastore name90
and select the Version31
ok here i only chooses to use 50 Gig of my 93 Gig 91
Then hit Finish92
as you can see the storage been added under my ESXi host
and if i go to my second host i will see the same shared Storage
Now i want to increase my Storage cause of the 50 Gig is not enough and i want to utilize my whole storage
in my Home Page go to Storage
Then go to select the storage i create
ISCSI-A – Manage – Settings – General – Increase 101
Select the Device102
Use the free space103
Increase to the size you wish 104
And simply it increase now hit finish105
and as you can see it change from 50 Gig to 93 Gig106Now lets Create a Virtual Machine to be inside that storage
Choose to create a virtual Machine2
Choose the Datacenter3
Select the host4
and now you choose the storage you create earlier5
Choose the compatibility version6
And select the Guest family
i am about to install Windows  ;D7
ALmost finish i will just select my ISO file8
Windows 10 CD yessssssssss9
Hit Next10
and that it’s press Finish11
Power on the Machine12
open console to see the procedure
and proceed with he installation16
And that it is
install the windows on our new storage20




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