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VMware DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler)

Hello Again
So in my earlier blog i manually migrate VM Machine from my first host to the second one, what if i want for my virtual machine to be moved automatically??? the Answer is:
DRS (Distributed Resource Scheduler)

lets start by the configuration but first if you notice all my machine under Host [] nothing under []or[]
so before we start the earlier two blog is very important to be establish first for VMware DRS to work
Shared Storage
Right Click my  Datacenter – New Cluster2
Give it a name and check the box DRS [Turn on] and you can choose the Automation Level and here i will show you the Fully Automated. most of the admin prefer the Partially automated as the VMware will give you suggestion and you could follow or not or Manual were an admin give suggestion3
Second step is i will drag my hosts under the Cluster4
and it will ask me what to do with the VM and i choose my first option and press Ok5
and automatically it start moving the VM from under my host to other Hosts
and the end result as you can see my 3 Virtual Machine moved under my biggest host []
and if you go to the cluster – vsphere DRS tab – History
you see the time and date those machines moves
(Wow i cant believe i wrote this blog in 2018 and never shared it, dont blame me i was chasing pal alto certificate)8
and also you can see the CPU Utilization9
and select the VM to see each Utilization 10








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