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VMware Storage DRS

So im finally back with a new blog
i know i been sleeping during the corona pandemic, so lets get to it
i previously explain how to configure the DRS in VMware Level and now we will do it in the Storage level
so in my previous blog i show you how to install Storage
so the reason for Storage DRS is to move machine from an over utilized storage to a none busy storage
here i will show you only how to install it and the result is similar to the VMware DRS
similar to the VMware DRS i will create a new Cluster

Go to vCenter – Datacenter – New Datastore Cluster

Choose a name and check the box to Turn ON Storage DRS2

Choose the DRS storage Automation to be Fully Automated3

Leave this section as it’s but sometimes this I/O check box could cause Error but this is a lab so i would leave it as it’s
and  i played the thresholds a little bit so it triggered the storage automation 4

I selected the cluster here that need connecting to the Storage DRS

in this step i selected the 3 Storage that will be under this cluster  (ISCSI-A, ISCSI-B & ISCSI-C)6

At the summary page press Finish7

and now i can see all my storage is under the Datastore Cluster

now let me add a new Virtual Machine

Select Create a new Virtual Machine11

Select the Datacenter

Choose the Cluster were you want to install the VM 13

Now the BIG Step, no need to choose a specific storage, i can select the Storage Cluster and automatically the system will choose the storage14

Choose ESXi 5.5 and later15

Select the Guest Machine16

In the Customization page just press Next17

Now in the summary page you can see under the Datastore
the Machine chooses the ISCSI-B as (Recommended) by the ESXi DRS Storage
Click Finish to start deployment

From Recent Task you can see the Task been Deployed

Finally the Machine created under the Cluster and in the Summary page you see the Storage (Storage Cluster)21.PNG



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