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Migrate VMs with VMware vMotion

vMotion enables live migration of VM machines from one Host to another with no impact on the Daily operation But Let me tell you this
Before migrating a virtual machine with vMotion, ensure that your hosts and virtual machines have the same network card & share the storage believe me you don’t want your machine to come with different IP Address  ;D

So Similar to how we did earlier when we add a Storage in the last blog we need to add a VMkernel specific for vMotion
in your Home Dashboard go to Host and Cluster1
Select your Host – Manage – Networking – Virtual Switches – Add Host Networking
Choose VMkernel Network Adapter
Choose a New Standard Switch
Click on the + Sign to add a network card5
Select the card you want to use6
Press Next 7
Here we will Check the Box for vMotion Traffic8
Give a static IP Address to the VMKernel9
Press Finish10
Now it’s created we are ready to move to the next step11

Now as you can see my VM Machine (Windows 10) is located under my Host and using my ISCSI Storage (ISCSI-A)
Right CLick on the Machine and Select Migrate
Now i have the option either to change the Host of the Machine or Change the Datastore or Both
since in my last blog i added an External storage then i will change Both31
I choose to move it to the Host and the compatibility check sign is successful
(the red sign Most of the time memory size give a red sign you have to take care about it but this is just a lab) 33
Now choose the storage you want to move to 34
It’s better to choose the Recommended option35
Select Finish36
and you can see your Machine is Moving in the Recent Task
And Walla your Machine Moved under host 38
and if you go down you can see the storage information  which show ISCSI-B39



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