SCCP Integratinon Cisco Unity Connection with CUCM

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In this tutorial, i want to give you an overview what has to be done and configured to integrate Cisco Unity Connection 9 with CUCM 9.
Unity Connection can be integrated with CUCM using 2 methods, SCCP or SIP, the differences and similarities are detailed below:

SIP Integration

  • Requires a SIP Trunk pointing to Unity Connection
  • Requires a route pattern to send calls to the SIP trunk
  • Does not require MWI DNs, uses SIP NOTIFY messages

SCCP Integration

  • Requires SCCP Ports, along with Line Group, Hunt List & Hunt Pilot
  • Dedicated DNs for MWI on/off

Both integrations require a VM Pilot and a VM Profile.

i will start by the SCCP in this tutorial

at an earlier tutorial i show you how to configure CUCM to make calls

After that we start the integration
First we create the Voice Mail Port
Advanced Featured – Voice Mail – Cisco Voice Mail Port Wizard
Give it a name
Then Choose the number of the Ports
Now Choose Description and Device Pool And CSS and the most important the Security Mode
Now Choose the Beginning Directory Number and Which Partition and CSS it will Contain
After this add it to a Hunt Group which contain the Voice Mail Port

Verification show in the next screen
Now it show the Final Result
Now i need to Add it to a Hunt List and Configure a Hunt Pilot Number in Our Case its 5555


Now Configure my MWI (Message Waiting Indicator) On & Off

last two thing is the VOice Mail Pilot and Voice Mail Porfile
Voice Mail Pilot

Voice Mail Profile
Now We Finish the CUCM Part let’s Move to the CUC
First Add the CUCM AXL Server which usable to import the Users from CUCM


Then From Right Corner we chose to add Port Group
here you Decide which protocol you are using weather SCCP or SIP
in this scenario i choose the SCCP
be careful about the Device Name Prefix it should be the same you choose in CUCM Part which in our case is (CiscoUM1-VI) you can find it under Voice Mail Ports dont put the number next to the name
and Add the CUCM ip address and MWI

Second We Add Port to it
we choose the same number that you choose in CUCM part which is 2

The only last thing is to import user from CUCM
go to Users – Import User
Select Import All or By Choose which user you want to have a Voice Mail
all 1

all 2

all 3
Change their Active Schedule to all hour is a better choice and Change their Password
all 4

all 5
and now you can test your Calls to the VM Pilot Number or press the envelop Button


4 thoughts on “SCCP Integratinon Cisco Unity Connection with CUCM

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    • Dear
      the Hunt Pilot is the number users call to reach Cisco Unity Connection
      if it different than Voice Pilot number you will hear Error message “your call cant be completeed as dial”


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