SIP Integratinon Cisco Unity Connection with CUCM

In an Earlier tutorial I explain how to integrate CUC with CUCM using SCCP Protocol

Let’s move to the SIP

First Create Trunk to CUC
Device – Trunk
Configure the DevicePool, Location Incoming CSS,IP Address, SIP Trunk Security Profile & SIP Profile




Note: make sure the SIP Trunk Security Profile has the following settings are selected;

  • Accept Out-of-Dialog REFER
  • Accept unsolicited notification
  • Accept replaces header

Second Create a Route Pattern toward the Voice Mail Number which is 5555 in our case
Call Routing – Route/Hunt – Route Pattern
Choose a partition and the SIP Trunk that you just create

Next Step is to configure a Voice Mail Pilot and Voice Mail Profile


Last step is to configure MWI in service Parameter
System – Service Parameter – Choose the Call Manager Server – Call Manager
and Enable the Service Multiple Tenant MWI Modes
Now We Finish the CUCM Part let’s Move to the CUC
First Add the CUCM AXL Server which usable to import the Users from CUCM


Then From Right Corner we chose to add Port Group
here you Decide which protocol you are using weather its SIP or SCCP
in this scenario i choose the SIP
Notice there is no option for Prefix Name like SCCP or MWI Cause SIP use SIP-Notify not MWI Dn



Then Configure The Ports

From Right Side Corner we can check the telephony to make sure no problem exist in the System

now time to import the users

The only last thing is to import user from CUCM
go to Users – Import User
Select Import All or By Choose which user you want to have a Voice Mail
all 1

all 2

all 3
Change their Active Schedule to all hour is a better choice and Change their Password
all 4

all 5
and now you can test your Calls to the VM Pilot Number or press the envelop Button


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